31 March 2009

Set #8

( Barneys Rings, Prada Bag, Rick Owens Leggings, La Victoire Pascale Shoes, James Perse Tank, Tom Binns Necklace, Zoe Chicco Stack Rings, Home Decor Candles)

Photo courtesy by Polyvore

30 March 2009

Set #7

( Hermes Vintage Croco Kelly Handbag, Giuseppe Zanotti Shoes, Alexander Wang dress, Rick Owens Leggings, Shabby Chic Candle Holder, Tocca Candle Collection, Victorian Gold watch Chain)

ps: i don't know what really happens, but this background and the entire ambience's supposed to be black and white...i'll try my best to fix it..don't worry...

Mood To Have

Would want this mood board picture hang in my wall....

Picture courtesy by My Polaroid Blog

19 March 2009

On my free time...

so sorry i haven't been here as often as i could :( for quite a while, well this past weeks i've been trying to catch up with all the dateline that have been coming on to (insert angry face) hehe..
well what can you do..me here, had to finish the April edition of Dewi and a special edition of beauty page and a wedding editions that are coming out pretty soon, like the the third week of April, and a 7 page surprised edition for April Dewi edition (the surprised is mutual even for me coz at the time i had been told that it has to take only 2 days to finish all the 7 page HUAHHH!!)
Thank god it's all in the past right now, fiuh... :)
But, in a magazine world nothing is ever completely done..one edition finish then the next editions is already upon ur face screaming to be release...
For me, to releash some stress n if i have some spare time (insert cynical tune) I've been playing with my multicolor pen that i adore...
here's as you can see a picture of a bird in a Japaneses influential...so sorry for the bad quality, some errors with our scanner..

11 March 2009

Inspiration of The Day

This are some of the picture that i gather from one of my favorite blog. MyPolarodBlog. The way she captured everything in a very soft and in a kinda mystique way, sometime makes you wonder...
Part of it is one of the reason why i adore looking at her Polaroid picture....

Picture courtesy by MyPolaroidBlog

10 March 2009

Set #6

( Barney's Ring, Valentino Skirt, Stella McCartney Blouse, Charlotte Olympia Pumps, Betsey Johnson Necklace)

09 March 2009

Set #5

( Barneys Rings, Yves Saint Laurent Shoes, Victorian Gold Watch Chain, Carla Braccialini Bag, Miu Miu Bag, Shabby Chic Candle holder)