21 December 2008

PS Des 2008

Picture courtesy by Dewi Magazine
Styled by Zia

Etalase Interior Des 2008

Picture courtesy by Dewi Magazine
Styled by Zia

17 December 2008


Well, my dateline is almost finish just need one more article too go and then I'm done..
For now... :p
Btw, i really are can't wait to show you these killer illustration that one of our contributors in our magazine did for the January issues... Well, i should probably wait till the magazine are out, then i could show it to you...
At least for now you could just check out my last post, title Etalase Des 2008 ( it's his illustration too..) and here as my latest addiction, this blog called Igor and Andre, i found it first when i just scrolling down Zanita blog...His illustation are just addicted to look at, wish i could have the talent and the skilled to do that too... Salut to Danny Roberts for his amazing works...

Icon Des 2008

Picture courtesy by Dewi Magazine
Styled by Zia

Style on Demand aka Fokus Gaya Des 2008

Picture courtesy by Dewi Magazine
Styled by Zia
Photograph by Sandi Setiadi

Shoes to Find!!!

Need to have at least one of theses shoes....
Too much flat to handle, and had to start walking again in heals...
Need to find those similar YSL heals in purple color or that Kirkwood heals in nude...
Need to find heals asap....
But had to wait for Zara sale this January...

Picture courtesy by JakandJill

Shopping Trend Des 2008

Picture courtesy by Dewi Magazine
Styled by Zia

Etalase Des 2008

Bohemian and Romantic Inspired
Picture courtesy by Dewi Magazine
Styled by Zia
Illustration by Joneta Witabora

15 December 2008

Focus Mode Des 2008

Picture courtesy of Dewi Magazine
Styled by Zia

14 December 2008

Work.. and More Work...

Well, I've haven't told you that here in Jakarta I'm contributing for one of their magazine called Dewi... As it is for now i had a dateline for our February edition to be full fill. Like today I'll be all over the town picking up stuff for pretty much 5 articles that had to be done by this Wednesday...

Crazy right!!! Well, wish me luck... And as soon as i had the time I'll be posting some off my work, and hoping that you like what you're seeing... :)

11 December 2008

Mens Style To Steal

Wish i could find a guy that look as good as this picture.

Picture courtesy by The Sarto

10 December 2008

2009 Calendar

As it is already a pain in my butt for the past week, this calendar project finally done. I know some of you people would probably think that is so unnecessary that i could just buy one of those really nice calendar n stuck it in my new journal. But, I kind of like the idea that somehow by mixing picture that i love i created this 2009 calendar, a.k.a total personal pleasure.

Picture courtesy by Garan Ce Dore, Oh Joy. ( Private use only)

09 December 2008

Cover Journal 2009

front cover
complete look

back cover

Can't wait for you to check out my 2009 calendar that still in working progress.

PS: If you see my last post on Street Style that's pretty much what i had on for the past year in my journal.

Picture courtesy by The Sarto, My Polaroid Blog, Lena Corwin.

2009 Journal Cover

back cover
front cover
complete look

I know it's pretty hard for me (specially) to think off what i would actually do on the year of 2009 but one think I'm excited most are using my new journal that i had put together...
it contains pretty much every little picture that i have been crazy in love with for the past year...

Picture courtesy of the Sartorialist, My Polaroid Blog, Garance Dore, Oh Joy

08 December 2008

Collage Booth

Collage picture that i did for my graduation project...
Picture courtesy by Oh Joy.

Street Style